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#4 Duel Beginners cup! written by Pikku, 2012-05-12 17:18 CEST (0 comments)

Howdy Sowies,

It's cuptime again!


20th of may, CheckIn: 15.30 CEST, Begin: 16.00 CEST

- 1on1 duel
- Groupphase + SE
(final system depends on count of participants
- irc: #vbcup
- mappool:
wdm2, wdm4, wdm5, wdm6, wdm10, wdm14

This time vanished bucket's gonna provide a whole cup to the future elite.
There are several reasons why i decided to do a newbiw-duel Cup. First of all, there havent been any newbie cups lately. Second, for duel-beginners its hard to compete in a normal duel cup.
As in all beginnercups, its hard to draw the line from beginner to better players, so i'll decide from case to case, dont be mad if you're "too good".
This cup is also made for people, who havent participated in a cup yet and want to experience it, dont hesitade to try your luck! :)

Maybe further changes or infos to come, we'll see!


Pikku =(:>

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